Vintage Boler Trailer in the Mountains with a Bear Waiting by the Door
Mitchell Fenton Art


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Here sits a Black Bear by the front door of a Boler trail parked in a Rocky Mountain Campground! Print from an original oil on canvas, 40x50 inch painting.


Fine Art Print of an Original Oil Painting by Mitchell Fenton.
Open Edition printed with Archival, Pigment Inks on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper. 
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Image from The Vintage RV and Trailer Show


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed crossing the Prairies and going camping in the Mountains. It’s not the Destination or the Journey that is important, it’s the Gear!
I LOVE Vintage Campers! I love seeing what everyone else is traveling in too – on the road and in the campground.

As memorable as those childhood adventures and my camping trips with my children (in our vintage VW camper),
it is always that Wildlife encounter that makes the whole thing Truly unforgettable! This show is about celebrating those vintage RIGS.   

I'd like to share My Recipe with you… Scour the internet and select an example of a good-looking Camper.
(The best photos are found when someone is selling one – front, side, ¾ view.) Help yourself to an Image - spruce it up a bit,
then insert into an idyllic landscape! To spice it up, introduce a little Drama to taste! Enjoy.

So now… Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again – remember – DANGER Lurks!
Be safe everyone. Wash your hands frequently.
Please don’t feed the BEARS, and best latch the door at night!